You might as well forget your sexy big data…

…if your data isn’t managed in the first place.

That was certainly the message I took away from this week’s MDM/Data Governance conference hosted by IRM. We’ve been working across the whole information management market for a number of years now, having focused initially on Business Intelligence, and very pleased I am too that we took the decision to expand our market reach.

It has to be said that there is a growing understanding that without having proper data governance in place, and therefore a clear strategy on how your various information sources are to be managed and controlled, there is little chance than any eventual analytics or intelligence will have any real value. Imagine if the sexy, funky dashboard that your CEO sees each morning was only giving part of the story, so critical business decisions were being made without all the information to hand. That’s exactly what would happen if it wasn’t for the small (but growing) armies of data and information management specialists beavering away in the background, making sure that the relevant people in the organisation knew the part they had to play in pulling all of this information together or ensuring that the data being relied up was fit for purpose and accurate.

So yes, we all like to see the fancy graphics and charts when we want to know how our business or area of our business is performing, but this might as well be a blank screen if we can’t be confident that all the necessary information that sits behind is properly governed and managed in the first place.

Do you agree with all of the above or just some of it? Have I missed anything? Feel free to let me know!

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Mark Dexter

May 23rd, 2014 View my profile

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