Working from home: How to keep your staff motivated

If working from home is new to your company and has been pushed upon you due to Covid-19 it can be a challenge to know if you are doing it right. Without an office it can be hard to maintain your company culture and keep your employees motivated and productive.

For many, home working without outside contact can be isolating and motivation will start to lack. During these tough times it is important to show your employees your commitment to them, show them you value them and help support them, not just with work but with their mental health.

How can you make sure your employees are motivated, productive and supported whilst working from home?

One on one catch ups

While working from home it can be easy to slip into a routine of just working without communicating with colleagues and employees. To help staff feel heard take time to have one to one catch ups with them at least once a week, give them a chance to talk and help give them direction with their work.

Let them know that you are available for them to talk to, if your office would normally have an ‘open door policy’ try to keep this style of communication going. Using tools such as Microsoft Teams can allow you to have a constant conversation with team members and can also allow them to set up separate groups to have conversations with their colleagues.

Praise and recognition

A little bit of praise and recognition can go a very long way, even just a simple “thank you for all your hard work this week” can have a massive impact on motivation levels. Delivering praise can really inspire your employees to continue the hard work.

At KDR, each quarter we have a company-wide meeting to celebrate success, promotions and achievements. Our last catch up was different, yes we were all working from home, but that didn’t stop us. We organised a company-wide meeting over zoom where we could all celebrate together.


Offering flexibility around hours to your employees can really show that you care about their wellbeing. If a member of staff is home schooling for the first time and working from home it could be a real challenge for them, giving them flexibility around starting or finishing times, or even taking breaks throughout the day can help them to balance these new challenges.

If you notice a member of staff is struggling with their mental health, offering them flexibility and support can, again, show you value their wellbeing and truly care about your employees.

Team Building

In these times team building and keeping your team as one is so important. This doesn’t have to be something extravagant; it can be as simple as Friday beers at the virtual pub, a weekly quiz where everyone takes an hour out of their day, or even a weekly virtual exercise or yoga class.

The KDR Team taking part in a virtual quiz over Zoom.

Keeping your team together is vital, it gives all employees a social network and a community to talk to. Having a weekly event can help give employees something to look forward to and motivate them throughout the week.

Keeping staff motivated and engaged with the business is so important right now, many people are facing new challenges and difficulties, helping them to have a positive outlook with work can really boost mental health.

If you would like more advice on employee wellbeing, hiring or even just a chat about the recruitment market we are here to help. Get in touch with a member of the team today.

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