Will AI help fight against Coronavirus?

It’s been months since the coronavirus emerged from Wuhan, China. It has spread to over 100 countries affecting many businesses. Supermarkets are being stripped, travelling has come to a halt and not to mention the self-Isolation. Us at KDR are currently working from home and won’t be the only business to do so.

It is having an impact on the economy to people’s lives, and it’s still uncertain in the weeks to come what else will be happening. So, what does this have to do with Artificial Intelligence? AI is progressing rapidly and while films portray it as robots with human like characteristics, the reality of it is looking at data, behavioural algorithms to the famous Alexa and Siri.

Companies using AI

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported AI and big data were a key part of China’s response to the outbreak. China has been benefiting from using an AI software firm SenseTime that uses facial recognition and temperature detection software to recognise those that have developed symptoms or those who are more likely to have the virus.

Blue Ocean Robotics creation of the UVD robots have been utilised to take over tasks such as cleaning and sterilising food and medicine after all a robot cannot catch a virus. Therefore, eliminating the human to human contact and preventing the spread.

An AI company Infervision has been at the centre of this outbreak with a solution in accelerating pneumonia diagnosis and the epidemic monitoring efforts. This solution is said to improve CT diagnosis speed and detect and monitor the disease efficiently. 

Social Media

Facebook, YouTube and Google are also working on the outbreak. YouTube is relying more on AI to moderate their content and make sure videos during the pandemic are being taken down if they violate any policies. According to their blog, ‘The situation with coronavirus continues to change day by day, and we’ll continue to take the steps needed to protect our teams and the communities where they live’.

Facebook will carry on relying on AI and their tools to learn to identify offensive material by analysing their content.

Vox has identified social media companies have increased their vigilance about the content regarding coronavirus, the social media platforms are aware this may lead to mistakes on their side. Causing some posts to go down that are not necessarily going against their community standards 4but due to AI’s increased observance at this present time.


AI has stigma as it is, with the pandemic there is a huge potential for AI to draw insights and help crack down and relieve this scenario. With companies such as Huawei having the resources with supercomputers that are speeding up the development of a potential cure or vaccine for this virus.

The Coronavirus has left a great deal of uncertainty for everyone, companies investing in AI and data should accelerate. The sooner we can gain an understanding, the better, and with all this research that needs to be examined, speed is something they need on their side. Having something to confront this data and spit out insights and detect solutions is crucial. Therefore, AI is needed to cross reference the research that has been done so far and search for patterns. This could further AI algorithms and lead to new treatments and gain an understanding of why it’s worse for some individuals.

What are your thoughts on companies using AI to overcome this pandemic?

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Dale Elder

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