Why do the top sales people use CRM Systems?

For many sales businesses their CRM system can be the life and blood of the data they hold, but for many sales people using the CRM system can seem like just another tool the business makes them use and is going to be more work for them.

However, CRM systems are much more than that and can really enrich the work of a sales person. A CRM is not just a way for the boss to check up, it also has multiple benefits for the sales person.

Centralized database

CRMs are a great way to safely and securely store any contact information, possible sales, actions, activities and plans in one easy to access place. Rather than having multiple spreadsheets in multiple folders, CRMs can keep everything centralized.


One major benefit of using a CRM system is to improve internal communication between the sales team. CRMs are a great way to make sure there is no crossover between leads, it’s also a great way to see how different people use a variety of processes and which works best.

Targeting and Segmentation

Many CRM systems help to segment data into separate categories making it easier to target any specific audience and leads that can be identified as valuable. As with everything being centralized it stops the process of searching through multiple spreadsheets.


Reporting isn’t just made easier for management but also for sales people with CRMs. As weekly and monthly reports can be automated, it can be a click of a button to inform of any leads or sales that are currently in the process.

Time Saving

As with any of the points above in my opinion the biggest and best benefit of CRMs is the amount of time they can save. CRMs can massively cut down mundane admin tasks that most sales people don’t like doing and can even remove them in some cases.

These are just a few of the reasons why I believe the top sales people use CRMs, and why CRM systems help sales people climb to the top. As a data and analytics sales recruiter, I can really understand the importance of using a CRM as I benefit from them every day.

Do you use a CRM? What other benefits do they bring to your business?

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