What’s your unpopular opinion?

Unpopular Opinions, we’ve all got them. Whether you think pineapple belongs on a pizza or sauce shouldn’t be kept in the fridge someone will always disagree.

With an office full of recruiters, you can guarantee we’ve got plenty of unpopular opinions, take a look below to see what the KDR team really think.

Mark Dexter

  • Jazz is the new black
  • England will never win the football world cup again
  • The TV license fee is amazing value

Mike Thacker-Cooke

  • The Beatles suck and are totally overrated! As a matter of fact, so are Abba and Oasis
  • Chocolate and cake is disgusting, chocolate cake is a thing of nightmares
  • Football is rubbish and people need to get over it

Anthony Mussell

  • Twitter is overrated
  • Sweets should only be eaten straight from the fridge and not at room temperature
  • I have no intention of ever watching Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Ryan Jones

  • Black pudding is a god-awful creation and should not be a thing
  • 80+ should go through a driving test
  • 4 day working weeks are a good idea

Amy Saulino

  • Cats are the devil
  • The best songs are the ones that no-one knows about
  • Savoury flavours shouldn’t be put into sweet ice cream – end of.

Max Ottavianelli

  • Dark chocolate is life
  • ‘Scone’ not ‘Scon’!
  • Star Wars should have stopped at 1 movie

Adam Scott

  • I actually quite like Donald Trump (as a politician) … and Boris!
  • I’ve never seen any of the Rocky, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future or Star Wars films
  • Onions are evil

Steve Richardson

  • Breaking Bad is overrated
  • Ketchup should be kept in the fridge
  • There is such a thing as an ugly baby

James Hodges

  • The Illuminati is still in operation, however the likes of Beyoncé are most probably not members
  • Pineapple works on pizza
  • Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot JFK

Evie Crossland

  • Recruitment is easy
  • Drake is the most overrated singer of all time
  • Equality is going too far

Matt Aston

  • Melted cheese on any food makes it taste better
  • People actually know what’s going on with Brexit
  • There are 7 people that run the world

Joe Mayers

  • Trance is the best genre of music
  • Saying “money can’t buy happiness” is a load of rubbish
  • Bacon is overrated

Ben Whittle

  • I don’t like Nutella
  • Pineapple tastes good on pizza
  • Ketchup doesn’t go in the fridge

Georgia Flynn

  • I hate going on holiday to a sunny destination
  • All chocolate should be kept in the fridge
  • Family Guy is not funny

Haroon Choudry

  • Michael Jackson is so so overrated
  • Beach holidays are sh*t
  • Cats > Dogs

Hollie Clive

  • Mayonnaise is horrendous
  • Winter is far better than summer
  • Opinions are overrated

Gemma Morris

  • Titanic is a terrible film and completely overrated
  • Modern music is horrendous and most people in the charts wouldn’t know what to do if they actually had to write and play their own music
  • Cats are the greatest animals to grace this planet

Olivia Sullivan

  • A BBQ base pizza is 100x better than a tomato base pizza
  • Game of Thrones is terrible! I don’t see why everyone is obsessed with it
  • All types of beer are disgusting

This has caused plenty of debate in the KDR office, we are split on pineapple on pizza! What are your unpopular opinions? Head over to Twitter and let us know!

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