A Week At KDR

Millie Marshall joined KDR Recruitment for a week’s work experience in July. As part of her work experience she joined all parts of the business. Take a look below for her ‘Week at KDR’

I initially came across KDR when researching potential placement options for my work experience. I have recently come to the end of my first year studying A- level Psychology, Sociology and English language/Literature. My main academic focus is psychology and I hope to go on to develop my knowledge of the discipline at degree and master’s level. However, it is exceedingly difficult to acquire work experience in the psychological work sector (due to ethics, lack of experience and understanding etc). When I came across KDR I quickly learnt that there are psychological aspects in the role of recruitment; particularly when looking at candidates and their abilities/characteristics. Recruiters are required to gain an insight into the candidate’s persona and job experience in order to ensure that they are appropriate for the job role in question. Furthermore, the concept of experiencing working life at a professional recruitment company sparked my interest.

The first day I started my work experience I remember being welcomed and introduced to all the KDR team. My main mentor was Oliiva, and I would usually approach her with any questions or queries about my itinerary or features I was generally curious about. Monday consisted of a general introduction to the world of data, technology and analytics, and KDR’s history, delivered by the managing director, Mark. I then was introduced to the marketing strand of the company with Gemma. This was particularly useful as I hadn’t previously received a full explanation and demonstration of how significant marketing is to a company, specifically in the field of recruitment. Gemma also introduced me to the range of programs the team utilise for their work. I was shown how to use websites such as LinkedIn, Bullhorn, and Excel, which I used later in the week for a task. A further introduction of the “backbone of the company” was provided by Hollie – she introduced me to the complex functions of data and statistics that she must keep up with. Liv also showed me her role in the admin. Earlier in the week I shadowed her formatting CVs, and then from Wednesday onwards she assisted me in completing some of my own. A large part of my experience involved shadowing resources and recruiters, observing the roles and processes. This part of my experience was extremely helpful to attain full understanding of the procedures the team perform. I was also assigned a project to complete an excel spreadsheet of data fields- I largely enjoyed this as it allowed me to complete work individually and I was also able to look at candidates CV’s and backgrounds which was interesting when distinguishing what job sector they were in.

Before I started my weeks experience at KDR, I had a very limited knowledge of data and analytics, particularly in relation to recruitment. However, now I have full comprehension of the processes recruiters and resources undergo when a client ascribes them a job role. The group of 21 were all massively welcoming and helpful; the atmosphere in the office was always positive and energetic, contradictory to the stereotype of a boring office environment people my age tends to possess, I largely enjoyed my time at KDR and am massively grateful to the team for making my experience so pleasant and informative.

Written by Millie Marshall

Millie Marshall

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