KDR has supplied talent to the business intelligence and data warehousing markets since 2003. Since then we’ve grown into information management and analytics staffing specialists, with expertise in the worlds of data governance, MDM, data quality and data science. We recruit both full time and contract staff, as well as high level strategic data consultants across America.

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Rob was a great resource when hiring for out NLP Scientist role. He was able to match the exact candidate profile we were looking for with very little guidance. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future!” – Talent Acquisition Director, AI Start-Up

Our carefully managed database gives us access to the most qualified candidates, including those who aren’t necessarily actively looking for work. The resourcing and candidate searching is conducted via our finely tuned in-house database and through traditional recruitment methods, rather than relying solely on the ‘me too’ online job boards.

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Rob Pritchard

James Hodges

James Husher

James Husher

I had the great pleasure of working with Michael. He took the time to keep me updated throughout the process, and genuinely cared. I look forward to working with Michael again, and will without a doubt refer as many of my colleague as possible to him” – Network Engineer

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