Top tips when job searching

Finding the perfect job role can be challenging, and whether you are completely new to the working world, a graduate, or an experienced professional you want to make your job search easier in order to find your perfect role.

In today’s job market, it can be very hectic with employers receiving hundreds of applications. In order for you to stand out, you need to know exactly where to look and how best to represent yourself.

Here are some of our top tips when job searching at any level of your career in the data and analytic field.

Be clear

Before starting out your search, have you considered what type of job or industry you are interested in? You need to consider what motivates you, does it come down to the salary, work satisfaction or the company culture?

In order to progress you need to be clear in what you want. Is it a small company you would love to work in or a big corporation? Everyone is different and knowing what path you want to take will help you thrive in the process.

These are all things you should be considering and the better you know your ideal role, the easier it will become to filter out your future prospects, and ensure you are applying for a role that is right for you.

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Advice on your job search

Worried about what to do? Do not be afraid of asking for advice! Build relationships, reach out to your network, if you do not ask you will never learn and move forward. Share your concerns and admiration with professionals in your line of interest, they are the perfect people to gain insight from.

Social media, is yours appropriate? Does it reflect who you truly are? Companies will search for your profiles at any time, so do not take the risk, clean up your online presence. Your actions online can be monitored and once it is online, it is hard to remove it. Look into your privacy settings and consider what is relevant for your social profiles. It can determine whether or not you succeed with your applications.

With social media playing a huge part in our lives, it is no secret that many employers and recruiters use it to find out more about you before hiring. With your social media profiles being the first impressions take a look at our blog below on what you shouldn’t be doing on social media! 👇

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Make sure your CV is relevant and up to date. Putting all your qualifications, experience, and relevant skills down in a structured format is essential. After all, it is your first chance to promote who you are and what you can offer. Having an upto date CV is essential when applying for your perfect job, if you need any assistance with your CV we have a blog here to help or get in touch with one of the team.


Job websites are a good source in finding your perfect job, they will provide you with information on the jobs you are looking for but it is important to stress do not limit yourself to only these. They will offer filtering options, be specific when using them, tailor your results to further your level of interest. Do not just apply for every job role you see! Narrowing down your search criteria will save you time and keep you focused.

Job sites tend to receive a large number of applications for one role, so do not risk getting lost in the crowd. Look for alternative methods in your job search.

Recruitment Agencies

Research recruitment agencies in your field, they will have the insight scoop and will guide you through your job search and help you find the most suitable job for you.

Using an agency relating to your industry will help guide you further on in the process and save you a lot of time. The recruiters will work alongside you and assist you with the do’s and the don’ts and give you access to the latest roles out there. Remember recruiters are trained to know the industry inside and out. So, take advantage of that.

Make sure you register your CV with an agency, they will be able to look over your CV and decide whether you have the necessary skills or not. Not to mention the level of interaction you will have with them to help you succeed. They are always on the lookout for good candidates.


LinkedIn is a modern alternative to a job board with recruiters actively looking for talent on there. In today’s era, you can not afford to not have a presence on there.

With features to build your network relating to your career and interests, you will obtain recommendations with jobs that match your profile, leading you to find the role that is best suited to you.

With LinkedIn, you can do further research on the companies you are interested in and connect with them directly.

Rejection – Do not take it personally

Applying for jobs can be a long and frustrating period. What makes it harder is to find out you were unsuccessful, or not hearing back from them at all. We get it and it can demotivate you!

But the best thing for you to do is try not to take it personally. If they have been in touch, ask them what you can have done differently? What were they looking for? What did the chosen candidate have that you did not?

Sent off your CV and heard nothing back? Do you wait?

There is no real answer to this. If it is past the deadline date, there is nothing wrong with getting in touch. Find the right balance, you do not want to pester them. You should also bear in mind that they will have a process and you do not know the volume of applicants, so be sensible with your timing.

Do not panic!

It can be a real learning curve. Do not let it offend you, let it drive you.


Finally, the most important thing to think about is, it won’t last forever. Do not give up just keep sourcing out information and be proactive. Stay positive and give yourself a break, not every employer is looking for the same thing. It only takes one person to say yes. You are in control of yourself, take a look at what you have achieved so far and ask yourself why would someone hire you? Your perfect job role is just around the corner we hope our top tips when job searching will hopefully benefit you.

Good Luck!

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