Top stories of 2016

With 2017 quickly approaching we thought this was a great time to have a look back at some of our most popular blogs and article of 2016. While we’ve been busy writing our top tips to secure your next role, the latest trends in the industry and how to hire the best talent, this year the biggest blogs all seem to have a similar theme to them…

Who is the Data Manager of the future?

In 2015 we ran an industry wide survey to find out what will define the Data Manager of the future, and this year we ran it again. It seems that in 2016 not much has changed in terms of what skills a data manager will need for the future but what are these skills and why are they so important?


Data Quality – what’s the best way to improve?

“What do you believe are the most effective ways to improve data quality?” was asked during our 2015 and 2016 State of Data surveys. Interestingly opinions have not changed much in the past year. The running theme seems to be that addressing the data quality isn’t really about reviewing and refining the process, it’s more about the actual data that is being used, as well as the human side of it.

Why are we still facing a data skills gap?

Plenty has been written this year about a skills gap across the UK workforce, with a particular focus on a shortage of data-literate workers. As more data is being created and businesses are realising the impact good quality data can have, the need for skilled workers is on the rise. We asked which skill is most in demand in the data industry.

Whitepaper: The state of data 2016

Following on from the success of the 2015 whitepaper ‘Not waving but drowning: The state of data’ we conducted an industry survey to see how the use and perception of data has changed over the past year. The results we received were very insightful and led us to several conclusions.

Information Matters – GDPR

This year we released our very first edition of Information Matters. Information Matters will be our series of e-magazines, sharing knowledge from industry experts and getting a different perspective on a range of topics from around the data world. In our first issue we take a look at GDPR and the affect it will have on UK businesses.

Which blog was your favourite? Are there any topics you would like to see us cover? 

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