Top Data Trends to watch out for in 2022

Data trends are forever transforming (if we only think back a decade a go when USB sticks were the pivotal item to hold data and be accessible). Cloud soon overtook and many different tools were introduced such as BI, ML and automation, which is making it easier for businesses to manage and handle their data. In this industry, the way we work, interact, and socialise have completely evolved from remote working and zoom calls to hybrid working patterns. Here are the top trends to watch out for in 2022

Remote Working is here to stay

It is not just technology that is seeing a shift as we are all aware since the outbreak of the pandemic the way professionals are working has changed. With remote work becoming the biggest ‘trend’ / shift in the world of work, professionals have had to adapt.

With the continuous demand for work flexibility companies are finding that they need to have correct procedures in place and communication is the main priority. From the hiring process to onboarding there needs to be clear comms to prevent any confusion and maintain employee or candidate engagement. Professionals aren’t just looking for a 9-5 in the office anymore and businesses are having to reflect on what degrees of flexibility they can offer without affecting productivity, morale and engagement. Remote working is no longer a temporary solution and will continue to be an expectation for professionals.

Having those expectations met from the beginning opens roles up to a larger and diversified talent pool: removing that geographical element provides the freedom to hire the best possible candidate regardless of where they are based.


AI is gaining traction as it continues to be one of the top trends. AI has a huge presence within society today with advances on speech recognition, apps, personal assistants and so much more. However, AI is going ever further with its capabilities and is spreading across all sectors, and it is estimated that by 2025 the AI market will grow to become a $190 billion industry so what will that entail and what should we look out for?  With growth comes jobs and new demand across all sectors. As it grows and evolves it will have to sanction a more responsible and scalable source for technology as companies will depend a lot more on AI-based systems. New jobs will encompass developers, programmers, testing and maintenance.


We’ve all heard about the changes to Facebook (Meta) and the emergence of the ‘metaverse’ and we will no doubt see a lot of expansion and drive towards functions existing within the metaverse in the next year or two. It can be likened to how the internet started and will have a huge impact on society just as much as the world wide web did back in the 90’s.

Innovation within the metaverse will transform the way we work, live, and socialise and it will be important for businesses to keep up to date with these changes. A virtual world will revolutionise our ‘virtual space’ and redefine our working pattern.  There is no definitive answer as to how it will manifest and time will tell how it will be implemented into society.

Diversity, Equality & inclusion

The more we align with the issues surrounding diversity, equality & inclusion the more we are seeing professionals looking for transparency in these areas. Candidates want companies to act and have policies and commitments rather than paying lip service to these issues.

It will be a core policy for a company’s success. It’s important to note that a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation, creativity, and strategy.

This drive to prioritise DE&I, is creating a demand in D&I roles such as Head of Diversity, this evidence is backed by LinkedIn job listing that roles in the diversity space have more than double since June 2020.

To find out more about how to implement an ED&I strategy into your business read our Diversity Whitepaper – https://www.kdrrecruitment.com/blog/diversity-and-inclusion-within-data-analytics-and-technology/

Company cultures needs to reflect data-driven operations

The improvements and changes in data technology are driving a more forward-thinking approach across all sectors. Businesses need to ensure that they are working closely with teams and especially now with flexibility in our working patterns, teams need to be collaborating to help get the best out of newly adopted technologies and business data itself.

Having a coherent strategy will inspire the most talented job seeker to work alongside the brand and utilise their skillsets and knowledge to drive the business forward.


Change is inevitable especially in the data industry. It is important to put yourself and your business in the best possible position to face any challenges head on and stay a step ahead for the coming year. Learning and development within your own sector, and reading around the challenges and changes ahead will help keep us moving forward.

Dale Elder

December 23rd, 2021 View my profile

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