Top blogs of 2019

Throughout the year we’ve written plenty of blogs looking at a range of topics from discussing ethics in AI, the best career advice and the gender gap in the data and tech industry.

Take a look below at the most read blogs of 2019

BigQuery vs Snowflake vs Redshift

Knowing which data warehouse is right for your business can be a challenge. There are plenty of modern data warehouse products on the market, within our network we are seeing a rise in the use of three main tools: BigQuery, Snowflake and Redshift.

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Data Visualisation vs Traditional Reporting

How does data viz compete with, complement, or enhance traditional reporting tools? Will we see a time when data visualisation could replace traditional reporting completely? And – of particular interest to KDR, of course – what are the ramifications for recruitment?

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Women in Tech

For this edition of Information Matters, we wanted to explore the issue of women in data, technology and analytics more in-depth. Why is there such a low rate of women in the industry, how can we start to close the gender gap, and what resources are available for women who want to work in the sector?

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Where is the market heading with cloud technologies? Which Cloud technology will come out on top? Amazon Web Services? Microsoft Azure? Google Cloud Platform? All 3 technologies are in a close competition for leadership within public cloud computing.

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Is your phone listening to you: An experiment

Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard of stories or been in a position where we’re casually having a conversation around the next holiday destination or that new car you want. Not long after, you log on to Facebook or scroll through Instagram and wouldn’t you believe it, an ad pops up about that Thailand holiday you were talking about or that car you were dreaming about. Scary.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs this year! If you have any topics you would like us to cover next year or if you would like to write for us, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch today.

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