The tech that will shape our future

New technology is constantly being created and continuing to have a lasting impact on our personal and work lives. And it’s not just brand-new technology that is having an impact, existing tech is being developed at an incredible rate.

As recruiters in the data and analytics industry we see these developments and how they are shifting hiring needs, but we are also seeing how they can (and sometimes) are changing the way we work.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one topic that is always being talked about in our industry. In many ways AI is still in its infancy but with the help of machine learning it has the possibility to change a lot, and with that always brings the question of will AI take our job?

The role of a recruitment consultant could see a shift due to the rise of AI; we’re already starting to see companies offer ‘AI recruitment bots’. In a basic way AI can help recruiters to pre-screen candidates by asking a series of set questions and learning whether the answers given are suitable for a role. This tech can also be used to help set up meetings or phone calls with the recruiters and candidates, or even candidates and clients.

Some recruitment companies are even starting to use AI to not just have a basic conversation but to actually find the ‘perfect’ candidate by using machine learning and set algorithms to pick out key skills, grades, experiences, location and more out of a CV. This ultimately removes the human element out of the recruitment process. And while we are probably (very) biased we still believe this human element is essential to what we do. We do have to find the right skills and experiences, but we also have to find the candidate with the best cultural fit for our client.


Blockchain really is the hottest topic at the moment, everyone is talking about it, including us – keep an eye out for our e-magazine on this topic! According to (many) experts Blockchain has the potential to change and affect almost every industry going, and we can certainly see why.

While we are not currently using the blockchain it could have a major impact in the recruitment industry, particularly within the storage of both contacts and contracts. Some people within the industry are also suggesting Blockchain can help with the validation of candidates.

Within the US this practice is already being put in place as some universities are adding their student’s grades, degrees ‘and more’ to the blockchain. As the blockchain is secure and therefore can’t be altered it can allow recruiters to verify the candidate’s educational background, and this could have a major impact if the blockchain can also include work history.

We have even seen it be suggested that the blockchain will help to keep recruitment companies GDPR compliant come May!

Virtual Reality

VR has been around for a while now but that doesn’t mean we are yet to see its impact. While virtual realty still seems pretty niche within business there are plenty of developments happing across the world of companies starting to integrate VR.

Again, we currently don’t use VR in the recruitment process, but we have seen some pretty impressive examples appear on the internet and they certainly will change the way we have to engage our candidates. From gamification to virtual tours the opportunity VR presents is exciting.

Last year Jaguar Land Rover launched a VR app to attract new candidates. By placing them within the JLR world, candidates can start to immerse themselves in the culture; it also allowed them to showcase their coding skills throughout the game. While traditional CVs are still a good thing, VR can help break that barrier and allow candidates to show their skills off in a virtual way.

The future of recruitment really does rest of the development of technology, while we don’t believe AI will ever fully take the job of a recruiter or the CV will be made redundant by VR, we can see how these new technologies can help to evolve the industry.

What technology do you see having the biggest impact on your industry? Does your company currently use any of this tech?

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