The State of Data 2021

To understand the state of data, each year we ask our data community a series of questions related to the data usage, quality and technology they are using. Each year we determine the areas of improvement and ongoing concern and identify possible future issues within the data industry.

This year we were interested to see a pattern emerging around where the industry believes the most important areas for data usage are v’s the reality of where data is being used. Year on year a gap is widening, rather than closing in on, where the industry wants to get to vs where it stands on understanding customer data. We also focused more heavily on the people side, to see how recent experiences throughout the pandemic had affected them, what they are looking for in an employer what motivates them to move roles as well as looking at salary benchmarks.


You’ll also discover what data professionals think around

  • What the main challenges are going into 2022
  • Where the industry is placing its focus for next year
  • What tech is being deployed
  • Whether data usage is improving or not
  • What data leadership needs to look like going forward
  • What candidates are looking for in an employer post pandemic
  • Which key skills are lacking and needed to push the industry forward
  • How they feel about their recent experience with the pandemic and how they felt their employers looked after them during the pandemic

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