The new trends to your working life post Covid-19

What a year we are having, could it be said 2020 is the year businesses and employers have really been challenged? The world is still facing uncertainty and the worst thing is we do not know how long for.

With COVID-19 still with us after 5 months, it has been vital for businesses to find new ways to adapt and stay productive.  It has been a shock for companies to manage their headcount and do what they can to protect their workers.  It is unfortunate to those that have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own and are now seeking employment.

Since the pandemic, there has undoubtedly been an increase in job seekers around many different industries, so there is no shortage of workers with specific skills. Now more than ever a CV should be perfectly executed ready for your future role.

With this pandemic altering every industry in such a short space of time, where does this leave us all? What does the future hold?

Social distancing measures have been the ultimate challenge with remote working being the new norm. Workers are altering their homes into workspaces, whilst trying to manage their personal lives. Businesses are making decisions to adapt and survive through this period which has ruptured office life.

The world has changed and here are some examples of how.

Increase competition

The new ‘norms’ of working from home and virtual hiring now in place, has allowed a shift in someone’s geographical region, which was once an obstacle when applying for a job. This has now led to more competition and opened a wider scope of people for 1 job. Going for a job you are now potentially competing with not only people from your own region but also with other professionals around the country.


The biggest concern with the ‘new normal’ is the impact of the interview processes.

Face to face interviews may not be happening yet however, having platforms such as Skype, Zoom and MS teams has allowed a more immediate process.  Making it easier for both parties to communicate and removes the hassle of travelling and making your way to an office you have never been in before. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. It is important to highlight video interviews are very different and if you are needing some help and guidance we have recently written up a guide. Click here for our 10 tips for a successful video interview


In the midst of everything where would we be without technology? Technology plays a big part in today’s working life and played an even prominent role within the last few months. It has kept businesses alive and helped employees keep their jobs and allowed us to keep up to date with the current affairs. It is crazy to think about what life would be like without technology and how reliant we are for it in today’s world.

An increase in Webinars has allowed businesses to take advantage of and be even more productive. For starters, they are more convenient and easily accessed and put together. Having educational interactions keeps the company culture alive and keeps employees stimulated.

Company meetings still need to go ahead with virtual meetings now happening to help the business and employees keep up with their workload and stay connected. This also comes in handy for those that may be struggling during this pandemic to communicate with their team/line manager.

Now more than ever, job seekers have the time to dig a little deeper and interact and find information out.

New ways of working

Since the outbreak, it has become clear that home working is possible to many, with some starting to go back to the office a few days a week.

KDR started a poll on Twitter with 80.3% of participants involved stated they are seeing the benefits of working remotely or working from home. The opportunity to work remotely is likely to remain popular among employees as companies may have to find a middle ground to keep employees happy.

By continuing working from home, a business can reduce costs with their offices and potentially propose some kind of solution to continue daily workflow and give the staff an option.

This ‘new normal’ will eventually need to be set in stone and be offered in a balanced manner to avoid issues arising from this work from home culture. It is something businesses now need to decide and make it more of a prominent option moving forward for employees. Even if a company maintains an office presence, knowing you can be offered flexible work options will appeal to potential employees and help with their decision.

Virtual Onboarding

Due to these unprecedented times having to remove human interaction from the equation due to social distancing has led companies to push towards a fun creative way to onboard their new staff. Allowing new employees to have the best possible start to their new role and company.

Imagine having a guided tour of your new office and meeting your new colleagues over Zoom!

It has proven that since March the working world is very different comparing it to last year. However, businesses are finding new measures to go about their daily activities and continue to find solutions to onboard new staff.


It will be interesting to see which companies will remain with their employees working from home and those who choose to keep the office life. Additionally, companies could potentially have a solution to have both working from home and going to the office as a choice which best suits their employees.

These sudden trends that have been innovated throughout this pandemic is a clear reflection of our dependence on technology.  The flexibility it is providing for workers has allowed them this fresh new outlook on their working life. How businesses choose to act could be detrimental to how they survive as we head into this fast-changing future.

For anyone who has suffered a job loss and are now looking for a job, you can upload your CV to our website and one of the team will get in touch.

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