The end of my journey

Over the past 10 months I have been working towards completing my apprenticeship on Business Administration with KDR Recruitment. In school there wasn’t a subject that I enjoyed and wanted a career in, however, when I went to college and took Double Business Administration, that all changed. I found myself looking forward to going to my lessons and I spent my spare time researching the subject to gain a better understanding. I always handed my work in on time and after two years I passed the course with top marks, which I was really proud of.

Those years in college made me realise that business is something that truly fascinated me. It might not be the most exciting subject to everyone, but I find it interesting to know how a business runs properly and the work that goes into it. I look back on my college years when I was debating whether to go to University or to do an apprenticeship and I really feel like I have made the right decision. Although the university experience can be important, I wanted to get straight into the world of work and focus on building my career

A career in this particular job role opens up so many doors for you in the future as the skills you learn can be applied to different sectors. I work within the recruitment industry so there are so many different tasks that I work on each day that I really enjoy doing. I didn’t expect to enjoy my job as much as I do, yet it is changing all the time which I prefer as it keeps me on my toes.

Doing my apprenticeship with KDR was the best decision I could have ever made, as the support I have had and the skills I have learnt are things that I will never forget. Each and every single member of staff has wanted to see me progress and develop into the best person I can be and have always been there if I needed some help or a little push in the right direction. Having supportive colleagues and managers is so important to me, as I feel without them, I wouldn’t have been able to progress as much as I have.

The Liv that started here 10 months ago is a completely different person to the Liv that works here today. I have matured so much more than I could have expected, and I truly feel more content with life as having this job has given me something to work hard for and has given me that drive to become a better person. I knew that when my apprenticeship came to an end they would have to make a decision on whether to make me a full-time employee or let me go. This only made me work harder and prove to them that I want this job and that I can be an asset to the company.

A month ago, I finished my apprenticeship with 3 months left to spare. I was nervous to find out what the final verdict would be. Working here was something that I wanted long term and I was dedicated to achieving just that. And after 10 months of being an apprentice here, I was offered a full-time position! I couldn’t tell you how happy I was that I became a part of KDR permanently. It made me realise that all my hard work had paid off, but it also meant that I would have to work even harder to continue to show them that I am a dedicated member of the team.

Although my apprenticeship journey has come to an end, a new journey is just starting! And I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds in my new position and where it will take me within KDR. Onwards and upwards!

Olivia Sullivan

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