The Team

Tom Brookshaw

Principal Consultant

I am a principal consultant at KDR Recruitment, helping candidates find their dream roles with our data, technology and analytics clients in the Netherlands.

I started my recruitment career straight out of Uni in 2003, focussed on IT in London and South East UK. After relocating in 2007, I moved into technical recruitment in the Oil and Gas industry, working with companies across Europe and Africa. After progressing through a number of roles in that sector, I saw the light and returned to IT in 2016. Now I have joined KDR to help our clients in the Netherlands build their data teams.

I’m an experienced and ethical recruiter, so it’s all about adding value. Might sound cheesy, but I like it when candidates place their trust in me, and clients recognise me as a true partner. When that’s happens, it leads to good things. Plus, I like the atmosphere of the office when everyone’s working hard and having fun in the process.

A bit more about me

  • My favourite alcoholic drink is a nice craft beer. My favourite non-alcoholic drink is coffee. Black. Lots of it. All the time.
  • My favourite film is The Usual Suspects
  • I love music and have lots of diverse tastes, but I grew up with Oasis so I’ll pick them as my favourite!
  • My nickname is Brooky (not too hard to guess why!)
  • I’ve done a fair bit of running, peaking with a 34-mile trail ultramarathon last year. Gets harder as I get older, but I still enjoy it.
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