The Team

Roshi Asghar

US Associate Recruitment Consultant

I am an Associate Recruitment Consultant at KDR Recruitment for our US market. Prior to joining KDR I worked in retail sales and account management, spanning the technology, furniture and automotive sectors. I really enjoy speaking to individuals that are creating amazing strides in the world of big data and helping to revolutionize our future.

I am new to the data, technology and analytics sectors but I am looking forward to working on Software Engineering, Data Architecture and DevOps roles.

A bit more about me

🥃 My favorite drink is Cola or Pepsi

🎭 My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio or Will Smith

🎧 My favorite artist is Chris Brown

👀 My nickname is Roshman

🥊 I have a passion for boxing, my favorite boxers are Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua

(833) 344-9779
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