The Team

Mark Townsend

Managing Recruitment Consultant

I am a managing consultant at Newgold, as part of the KDR Talent Solutions Group, helping candidates find their dream roles with our data, technology and analytics clients.

I started my recruitment career at KDR back in 2010, since then I’ve exclusively recruited in the data & analytics domain. Leaving KDR in 2006 I joined another niche data & analytics recruitment agency, 3 years later, I’m back and focussing on Senior Appointments and Executive Search where I can add value to organisations by leveraging our community and network of CDOs.

I love working on CDO roles. The Chief Data Officer is a real game changer for organisations. The CDO is a major catalyst for change to actually utilise the vast amount of data organisations hold and have access to, on top of this they deliver considerable value from a commercial perspective.

A bit more about me

🍷 My favourite drink is latte in the morning… and a Gin & Tonic or a nice glass of red (or 2!) in the evening.

🎥 My favourite film is The Crow or Pulp Fiction. It’s a tough decision!

🎵 My music taste is quite random from Gregory Porter to Survivor to the likes of John Mayer.

👀 My nickname is Towns or Townsend

🏏 I’m a Wannbe Cricket and hockey player and I have 2 beautiful little girls, Giorgia and Hollie.

01565 745 898
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