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Kathryn Scott

Recruitment Consultant

I am a Recruitment Consultant here at KDR Recruitment. Prior to joining KDR, I studied Biology at University. I decided on a different career path, but I carry my love for the environment and passion for conservation with me everywhere. I try to travel often to see all the sights and wildlife there is to see, and I always try give back to the planet where I can.

Here at KDR I am a Tech recruitment consultant for the UK market. I’m currently specialising in software and product.

A bit more about me

🍹 My favourite drink if we’re talking alcohol… it’s got to be a dark and stormy. If we’re talking on the more sensible side of things, I have to admit that I do have a minor diet coke addiction.

🎥 I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I think I’d have to say The Half Blood Prince is my favourite if I really had to pick one.

😁 I’m a fully trained Falconer! I did some volunteering at a local falconry when I was in college. My favourite bird was a Eurasian Eagle Owl called Walter. He was a very cool guy who would only be handled by me, the other falconers would get pecked until they put him down again. I always thought he was a great judge of character, if I do say so myself.

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