The Team

Jo Dionysiou

Head of Marketing & Brand

I am the Head of Marketing & Brand here at KDR Recruitment and I have been working in the recruitment industry for the last 13 years across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Before joining KDR I worked at a PLC as part of the STEM marketing team. Prior to that, I worked at a niche recruitment agency working across the life science industry.

What I really love about my role is using my creativity: taking an idea and turning it into a campaign, creating relevant and appealing content and then seeing the results from the efforts you put in. In recruitment marketing, you have to work across many different disciplines and I love the variety this provides.

A bit more about me

🥃 My favourite drink is white wine or water (a lady of extremes)

🍿 My favourite films are all in the cornetto trilogy

🎶 I love dance music, indie music and opera depending on my mood

🧘‍♀️ I have a meditation teaching qualification

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