The Team

Jamie Hoy

Recruitment Consultant

I am a Recruitment Consultant here at KDR Recruitment. Prior to joining KDR,

KDR I spent 15 years with BT. I started in classical advertising as an account manager before moving into business development in B2B Telco and covering the SME market. There I primarily created comms solutions for business success. I loved helping businesses communicate 

Here at KDR, I specialise in Analytics and CRM. I’m passionate about hyper-personalised marketing and data-driven businesses. So enjoy speaking to people in this field and helping them find their dream job. 

A bit more about me

My favourite drink is a double espresso. Sometimes I even have it over ice cream. Whoever invented affogato was a genius.

🎥 I love a mind-bender film so it would have to be Inception. How deep is too deep?

🛹 I like to travel and explore new places and eat with the locals. I also love carving up the streets on my skateboard. 🛹

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