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Hollie Clive

Business Support Manager

I work as the Business Support Manager at KDR Recruitment. Before I joined KDR I was a Data Analyst. My primary role included the provision of operational reporting (both internal performance and external client dependencies), maintaining the business’s existing suite of reports and developing new reports to meet ongoing business requirements.

Since joining KDR I have come to love the variety of my role. No two days are the same. I could spend one day speaking to clients and doing admin, but the next day I’m fixing computers and creating reports. I love having a job where I get to use all my skills.

A bit more about me

🍻 My favourite drink is Peroni…Heineken…San Mig…wait, I just like beer.

🎥 My favourite film is Cool Runnings

🎧 My favourite band is Lancashire Hot Pots

🤔 I don’t really have a nickname, I sometimes get called Clive but mostly I’m known as Hol

🐌 I have an extremely irrational fear of slugs. They freak me out!

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