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Dylan Skinner

Associate Recruitment Consultant

I am an Associate Recruitment Consultant at KDR. Prior to working at KDR, I worked in hospitality for 8 months where I learnt how to deal with stress and work really well under pressure. Also worked as a labourer which helped establish my very strong work ethic.

My favourite thing about recruitment are the amazing people I speak to on the daily, from fellow colleagues to different candidates. I love all the different kinds of cultures and personalities.

A bit more about me

🥃 My favourite drink is Tequila

🎥 My favourite film is Catch Me if You Can

🎸 My favourite bands are U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Queen

🐳 My nickname  is Whale, I was extremely overweight in school

🇿🇦 I’m a very stereotypical South African, play way too much rugby and drink too much!

01565 745 893
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