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Dale Elder

Marketing Executive

I’m the Marketing Executive here at KDR and have been for just over a year now. I graduated 2 years ago with a Marketing Management degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Marketing was always something I wanted to get into, with the industry constantly evolving in line with life and technology, I just wanted to dive straight in.

My role is very creative and I believe it is one of the few professions where creativity is really valued. I love that no day is the same and how my creativity can be used for all aspects of the business.

A bit more about me

🍺 My Favourite drink is a classic beer or a Gin and Tonic

🧙 My Favourite film hmm it’s too hard to choose!! Erm, I’ve got to go with the Harry Potters!!

🎵 My Music taste is so random from Billie Eilish to Tame Impala.

👀 My nickname from my family is DEL, I have no idea why my twin sister came up with it a few years ago

🌎 I am one of 7 and I also have a twin sister

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