The Team

Bryan Maguire

I am an Associate Recruitment Consultant here at KDR Recruitment. I focus on matching data, technology and analytics candidates with their dream roles across the UK. I worked as a customer service advisor previously to joining KDR, helping people daily with whatever issues they faced and supporting them every step of the way!

I love being involved in helping give people the best chance of success, I am really outgoing and passionate about my work and I love making a positive difference to people’s lives, life is all about challenges and opportunities and if I can be involved to make that process better then that is what I am here to do!

A bit more about me

🥤 My favourite drink is has got to be Pineapple Juice all the way!

🎶 My favourite band is The Stone Roses

🎥 My Favourite film is Insidious (All of them)

👀 My nickname is Bry

🐟 I have a huge passion for Tropical Fish Tanks, and I love maintaining and improving my 125-litre Planted Aquarium.