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Anthony Mussell

Managing Consultant

I have been working in recruitment for almost 6 years, and I’m currently a Managing Consultant here at KDR.  I started out in Estate Agency as a fresh faced 18-year-old back in 2006! The property market was still booming, and I stayed in Estate agency until 2012 and through the crash. Following a 6-month stint travelling in all the usual hotspots, I stumbled across recruitment in June 2013 and started my career with a UK leading Engineering Recruitment business. Since then I have worked in niche markets where the need for top quality candidates is essential.

Recruitment gets a lot of bad press but for me the most rewarding part is when a client re-engages with you for a new requirement. At this point you know the candidate you have placed is doing well and that you have established a relationship with the client.

A bit more about me

☕️ My favourite drink is coffee – needed more than ever these days!

🎥 My favourite film is more actor focused – anything with Leonardo Di Caprio or Denzel Washington in! Legends

🎧 My music ‘collection’ is too random to go in to! I can listen to anything from 80’s through to house music.

🦶 My nicknames are AJ, Tone, Tony, Big Tone & Mr Mussell. KDR has given me the most random one, which has unfortunately stuck, in Big Toe. No one has ever seen my feet at work so no idea where that came from.

🛩️ I have bungee jumped Ben Nevis and thrown myself out of a plane at 15,000ft

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