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Alex Proctor

US Associate Recruitment Consultant

I am an Associate Recruitment Consultant at KDR Recruitment. Prior to KDR, I was a New & Used car salesman for Hyundai and really enjoyed the fast-paced environment in that role and the thrill of securing a deal which led me to wanting to pursue a career in recruitment.

This is my first recruitment job and Iā€™m hoping to sustain a long and successful career here helping to recruit for data, technology and analytics professionals in the USA.

A bit more about me

ā˜•ļø I do love a good cup of tea (milk & 2 sugars if anyone is offering)

šŸŽļø My favorite film is Ford vs Ferrari

šŸŽ§ I don’t really have a favorite band as my favorite genre changes on a weekly basis!

+1 (267) 5210498
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