Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a tailored recruitment workforce solution whereby a business either wholly or partly outsources its permanent recruitment to an external provider. As an RPO provider, KDR will fully manage your recruitment processes (to the degree required) and we can offer an onsite presence to ensure seamless integration with your business.

Benefits of KDR RPO

  • Enhancement of your talent acquisition team for niche project team builds
  • Reduced time to hire via a dedicated sector network
  • Exclusivity provides priority around search time
  • Dedicated delivery team, which can be embedded on-site
  • Depending on business size, an RPO can offer a low-cost alternative to in-house recruitment team
  • Monthly reviews of agreed SLA’s including reporting dashboards
  • Enhanced Employer Branding through representation of your organisation at industry leading events
  • Allows HR to focus on…HR.

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Benefits of using an RPO model.

  1. Reduction in talent acquisition spend. Utilising our RPO service is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing costs on talent acquisition. Finding talent can be a time-consuming business even for the best talent acquisition teams. According to a Workplace Insight report unfilled tech jobs in the UK cost the UK economy over £63 billion a year. Our expertise means you get to the talent quicker.
  2. Reduction in vacancy advertising spend. As the RPO provider, KDR takes on this responsibility for you. As recruitment businesses grow more advanced in marketing techniques, they are turning less and less to job boards to find candidates. As such the costs of job boards are increasing. Buying at volume keeps these costs down, however not all end user businesses need to buy such a volume, so costs can rocket when it comes to advertising.
  3. Enhanced Employer Branding. Part of the RPO service can also be to help align your employer brand with the recruitment process. We can help you translate your Employer Branding into the recruitment process and help you define your unique Employee Value Proposition so that all talent acquisition campaigns are impactful and help you penetrate further into your market share of the industry.
  4. Business Intelligence. We understand how data science impacts business decisions. Often HR professionals don’t have access to the technology needed to provide the insights to help the business make strategic workforce decisions. As an RPO provider we are able to provide these insights.