Retained and Executive Search

Retained and Executive Search is an area where we have had good success for our client hires. KDR Search is a data, technology and analytics driven talent acquisition and retention solution for hard to find talent. 90%+ of hires made using KDR Search stay in their role for more than 2 years.

KDR Search attracts and engages the best people aligned to your organisation’s culture, team and vacancy so, not only do they join your team, they stay for the long haul no matter at what level of seniority.

Typically you will only ever see 30% of the talent pool. These are usually only the active candidates on the market and often lacks diversity. Using our retained and executive search service, KDR Search, opens up the talent pool to engage with wider networks.


By using a retained or executive search service you will gain access to dedicated resourcing and consultant time focused on your role over other clients. Deep market analysis adds value to your hiring strategies. With a powerful understanding of market statistics and benchmarking data you are able to create efficiencies around targeted hires and competitive, market aligned packages. You can also use KDR Search to understand where the talent hubs are, whether that be for the opening of a new office to “go where the talent sits” or provide a truly flexible workforce structure no matter where the head office is based.

Retained and Executive Search Methodology

Our robust methodology uses data, technology and analytics to scope, research and map the market to go beyond the active talent pool. We assess beyond CV keywords qualifying technical and functional competencies, cultural fit and alignment of candidate and company values.

We engage in community networks and take a marketers approach to candidate engagement. Our talent reports help clients understand where talent sits, we are then able to take your brand into the recruitment process to ensure a consistent candidate experience.

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