KDR Consulting

KDR Consulting is a service based on defined client outcomes wrapped up in a Statement of Work document. We employ a team of specialist workers and deliver on specific functions or defined project outcomes for our client companies therefore taking headcount costs and employer liabilities out of the equation.
We have the heritage and network (built over 18 years) to provide an agile, scalable workforce solution and our senior leadership team have the expertise to provide full governance across the lifespan of the Statement of Work.

Benefits of using KDR Consulting

  • Fixed price project-based delivery by contractors and consultants from our network built up over 18 years of data, technology and analytics recruitment experience
  • Comprehensive Statement of Work document
  • Fully embedded teams into your existing workforce, engaged and bought into the culture and vision of your business
  • Team engagement programmes to ensure retention, upskilling and redeployment if required
  • All payroll and HR functions delivered by KDR
  • No employment costs – typically saving 25% over permanent employees’ equivalent salaries
  • Fully compliant with all existing HMRC legislation, AWR, IR35 and any accompanying “disguised employment” issues
  • Address skills and expertise gaps
  • Flexible solutions from team build and leadership to small teams where existing team

Contact us on: +44 (0)1 565 651 422 to find out more about Our KDR Consulting service.

What does a Statement of Work ensure?
Alongside the agreed terms and conditions, KDR and yourselves would agree the scope of work and the commercial arrangements. This would typically be a schedule containing the fixed fee, details on the timeframes for completion, and what the specific deliverables, outcome/output of the services will be.