Recruitment: It’s a two way street

I’ve been working in recruitment for 3 years, throughout that time I have come across plenty of “perfect candidates” as well as those deemed “difficult”. It’s true that recruiters and our industry in general don’t have a great name, but if candidates are willing to work with us and not against us, we can build a better name for ourselves… We are not all the same and ethical recruiters do really exist!

Working with a recruiter is, as the title says, a two way street. If a candidate wants us to help them, they need to be willing to let us help and understand what role we play in finding them their dream role. I’m sure all recruiters, like me, have a checklist in their head for that dream candidate.

Good manners

I have and will always continue to say that manners cost nothing. I’m always polite and courteous no matter the situation and I always expect the same back from candidates. At KDR we try to get back to everyone who contacts us and I believe if I contact a candidate, even if they are not interested or looking for a new job anymore they should let me know – even if it’s via an email. Which leads me on to my next point…

Keep me updated

Again, I will always keep people updated on their applications, even when there is no news I will call to say so and not to worry. I would also expect this on the other hand if a candidate is no longer looking for a job but is in the process with KDR I want to be updated so I can inform the client as soon as possible and look at other options.

Don’t waste my time

I would never dream of wasting a candidate’s time by putting them forward for a role that obviously isn’t for them, and I hope a candidate would never dream of wasting my time by applying for job and going to a final stage interview to “change their mind” and pull out after a job has been offered. This is a serious process and needs to be taken as such.

This article is about working together openly and honestly from both angles. That’s something I always ensure I do with candidates and clients alike. Whilst many people tar all recruiters with the same brush and we have a horrendous stigma attached to ourselves as an industry as a whole, we are not all the same and can work much better if both parties communicate effectively with one another. This is about treating each other how you’d like to be treated.

Do you have a dream recruiter checklist? Let me know in the comments below

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