Python vs Java

There are plenty of programming languages on the market, each having their individual benefits. The two most common we come across when recruiting for software developers and engineers are Java and Python.

Before looking at which was best, we did the obvious Google search and there is no one answer to which language is better to work with:

The TIOBE July 2019 Index puts Java as number one, while Python sits in 3rd, whereas Digital Ocean’s survey puts Python in 2nd and Java in 4th.

So, which one is really better?

What are the main differences?


“Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.” (Source – https://www.python.org/)

Python is a “general-purpose” programming language first released in 1991. Python is all about code readability, seen with its significant use of whitespace.


“When you learn Java, you’re learning more than just a language. Because Java is a technology platform with many interconnected capabilities…” (Source – https://go.java/student-resources/index.html)

Released in 1995, Java is a class-based, object-oriented language, designed to have fewer implementation dependencies.

Which do you prefer?

To find out which is really better we asked you, our candidates, which language you prefer.

Which language is fastest?


Other: C++, C

“Java runs faster, but you have to wait for compilation to complete. Python is an interpreted language, so it runs instantly, but runs slower because there’s an interpreting step.”

Which language is better for scalability?


Other: Scala

Which better adopts Test-Driven Development?



“TDD is more a methodology that applies to people more so to the language. There are great testing libraries for both! It’s just you have to get people to think about TDD seriously.”

Which is better for working with Databases?

Python vs Java - Databases

Other: “Depends”

Which is better for working on a Web Development project?


Which would you use for App Development?


Other: Kotlin

Which language is easier to learn for beginners?


Is the future with Java or Python?


Other: Golang, Scala

Java vs Python – The overall winner


Other: see each individual question

What do these results tell you?

Looking at our results it seems our candidates prefer Java overall, however, in each individual category, we did have a mix of results. It’s clear that Java is the best for beginners (heads up if you want to get into the industry!), but the future of the languages seems uncertain as newer languages like Golang are emerging.

Will Java and Python have to evolve to suit needs and newer technologies in the future? As one respondent says:

“Python is more important nowadays than Java because it is readily used in Big Data and Machine Learning products.”

Does this suggest Java will only be used for beginners and smaller projects, while Python gets more technical?

It really is an exciting time for programming languages, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the industry, seeing if there is an increase is certain languages our candidates are skilled in, and which languages our clients are using.

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