Press Release: Northern Rail Nationalisation Not The Answer

Mark Dexter, CEO of Cheshire-based, KDR Recruitment, said: “While it is good news that the scale of the problems with the service Northern Rail has been delivering in the North of England has been recognised, nationalising the service is not the answer. There needs to be substantial investment in the infrastructure if the North of England is to receive a rail system that is fit for the 21st century. While there is much talk of reducing carbon emissions by encouraging people to use public transport, we have a system here that is so appalling that people are being forced back into their cars.

“For businesses in the North trying to attract the best talent, a public transport system that is reliable and fit for purpose is essential. The sustained lack of investment by government directly hits the ability of the North of England to maximise its economic potential. There needs to be an urgent, radical overhaul of the rail system, ensuring all regions in the UK are given the same level of investment as the London area.”



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Gemma Morris

January 29th, 2020 View my profile

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