Senior Recruitment Specialist

Mike joined KDR in 2015 as a resource specialist. Mike comes to us from a legal background and is keen to develop a career in the recruitment industry.

5 minutes with Mike Thacker-Cooke…

Favourite part of the job: Speaking with people, learning about difference candidates and their unique circumstances.

Proudest achievement at KDR: Helping someone who was made redundant while on holiday, by the time he came back we already had an interview arranged for him. One week later he accepted a new job with an increased salary, better location and advanced career prospects.

Favourite part of the Data industry in 3 words: Cutting-edge, pioneering, future.

KDR is: Driven, Knowledgeable, Involved

Bonus Question

What is your top tech prediction? The Singularity. There will be a point when AI surpasses human intelligence and takes over. Initially programmed to keep humans from harm the AI, supported by robots, will police humans to prevent our self-destructive nature! 

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