Team Leader

As the Team Leader Mike helps support the recruitment consultants in their role, as well as building relationships with candidates and finding their dream roles. Mike has really immersed himself in the world of data.

5 minutes with Mike Thacker-Cooke…

Favourite part of the job: Speaking with people, learning about difference candidates and their unique circumstances.

Proudest achievement at KDR: Helping someone who was made redundant while on holiday, by the time he came back we already had an interview arranged for him. One week later he accepted a new job with an increased salary, better location and advanced career prospects.

Favourite part of the Data industry in 3 words: Cutting-edge, pioneering, future.

KDR is: Driven, Knowledgeable, Involved

Bonus Question

What would be your superpower? Teleportation. It would be so easy to travel the world, also it would make my rubbish commute a whole lot easier!

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"I had the great pleasure of working with Michael. While Michael's time zone is 5 hours ahead of mine, it seemed as it he was right next door. He took the time to keep me updated throughout the entire process, and genuinely cared. I look forward to working with Michael again, and will without a doubt, refer as many of my colleagues as possible to him." - Network Engineer (Candidate)

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