Managing Director

Mark has 20 years’ of experience in the IT recruitment industry and after spotting a gap in the market he founded KDR Recruitment in 2003.

5 minutes with Mark Dexter…

Proudest achievement at KDR: Running a company that contributes to the local and national economies whilst helping people find their dream jobs.

Describe KDR in 3 words: True, niche, specialists.

Most likely to be seen: Eating Graze boxes around the office.

And any final comments Mark? What’s the cricket score?

Bonus Question

What is your top tech prediction? The VR Room. You will be able to go into a VR ‘room’, ask a question and have the answer shown to you in whatever medium you choose. The ‘machine’ will be able to trawl all the available answers on the web and feed it back to you in whatever format suits you best, having learned your preferences through machine learning and AI.

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