Account Executive

As an Account Executive Max helps to support some of our key clients while placing skilled candidates in their dream roles. Max has a keen interest in the evolving data and analytics industry.

5 minutes with Max Ottavianelli...

Favourite part of the job: For me, it has to be the satisfaction of placing a candidate in their desired role and helping the achieve their career goals.

Describe KDR in 3 words: Determined, supportive, credible.

One random fact: I’m a fluent Spanish speaker.

Bonus Question

What would be your superpower?  I would be a shapeshifter and have the ability to morph into other people.

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"Max is the best recruiter I have ever met. He is a true definition of a headhunter. As a recruiter for data science and bioinformatics positions, he would always surprise me with his capabilities stemming from the fact he is a smart person. He is a great listened for both the job seeker and the client, confident about himself and has the ability to handle pressure very well, a good connector and communicator, good a juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, very flexible and patient, up-to-date with current trends and technologies, a good problem solver and last but not lease he is reliable when it comes to punctuality and offering service promised" - Bioinformatician (Candidate)

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