Recruitment & Business Support Administrator

As the Recruitment and Business Support Administrator Hollie helps the recruiters and candidates with their day-to-day activities. Hollie comes to KDR with a strong data and analytics knowledge.

5 minutes with Hollie Clive...

The Information Management and Analytics industry is: Innovative, Insightful, Multipurpose

Proudest Achievement at KDR: My proudest moment at KDR would be my first day; it was a little different to most people’s first day as we went paint balling for a team building day. I was nervous as I was going to get hit by paint balls and I didn’t know anyone, but I held my own, defended the base and got to meet my new colleagues in an entirely different environment.

One random fact: I can make my thumb touch my arm.

Most likely to be seen: making the brews. I won Best Brew Maker of 2017 in the end of year office awards!

Bonus Question

What would be your superpower? Time Manipulation. I love Hiro Nakamura in Heroes, he had by far the best power. Also, it would be cool to stop time and have an extra hour in bed every now and then.

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"KDR is the definition of a specialist agency. The high quality of the candidates they have supplied, in an organised no-nonsense way, has resulted in a number of successful hires to my team." - Client

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