Recruitment & Business Support Administrator

As the Recruitment and Business Support Administrator Hollie helps the recruiters and candidates with their day-to-day activities. Hollie comes to KDR with a strong data and analytics knowledge.

5 minutes with Hollie Clive...

The Information Management and Analytics industry is: Innovative, Insightful, Multipurpose

Proudest Achievement at KDR: My proudest moment at KDR would be my first day; it was a little different to most people’s first day as we went paint balling for a team building day. I was nervous as I was going to get hit by paint balls and I didn’t know anyone, but I held my own, defended the base and got to meet my new colleagues in an entirely different environment.

One random fact: I play roller derby outside of work, but I’m actually a massive wimp most of the time.

Bonus Question

What is your weirdest phobia? Slugs. They’re slippery, slimy, encased in an a coat of mucus fat bodies, cold-blooded, horrible to look at and worse to touch - and all that before you even begin to consider their appetite and capacity for horticultural destruction. They get everywhere. Once one was on my door handle and I couldn’t get in my house. It’s fair to say I keep salt at hand at all times!

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"KDR is the definition of a specialist agency. The high quality of the candidates they have supplied, in an organised no-nonsense way, has resulted in a number of successful hires to my team." - Client

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