Account Executive

James is an Account Executive at KDR Recruitment, focussing his time on building strong relationships with candidates and clients. James has a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment sector.

5 minutes with James Hodges...

Favourite part of the job: Speaking to new people and learning about them. If I can offer them the opportunity to further their career, I find that particularly rewarding.

How long have you been working in recruitment? Since April 2016. Recruiting on behalf of a variety of clients such as; luxury retirement villages, a background screening company and a FTSE 250 technical facilities management provider.

One random fact: Massively obsessed with houses made using shipping containers.

Bonus Question

What would be your superpower? To be able to grow and shrink on command. It would make things a lot easier to do. For example, turning off the light switch without having to get up or shrinking to the size of an ant and sneaking into someone's hand luggage so you don't have to pay for flights.

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"James contacted me about a role he was recruiting for. He acted very thoughtfully and diligently throughout the recruitment process. Thanks to his help it was all done very quickly and efficiently - I was made an offer for the role within a week. James offered great advice, guidance and was a pleasure to work with" - Lead Data Scientist (Candidate)

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