Social Media & Marketing Executive

Gemma joined KDR in February 2016 as a social media and marketing executive. Gemma works in a fast paced role, helping support KDR’s social media and online presence.

5 minutes with Gemma Morris…

Favourite part of the job: No day is the same; my role is fast-paced and ever-changing.

KDR is: Knowledgeable, dedicated, specialist.

Describe the data/IM industry in 3 words: Futuristic, Pioneering, Challenging

Most likely to be seen: Following team members around the office to get pictures for our social media.

Bonus Question

What is your top tech prediction? Ultimate VR. Virtual Reality is already giving people the chance to experience things from their living rooms, like going on safari or riding a rollercoaster, but I think VR will get to a point where people won’t have to move if they don’t want. It would become so immersive that you can shop, work and socialise through the VR headset. 

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