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By Gemma Morris
30th November 2018

There is a common myth in the recruitment industry that most hiring tends to stop until the new year, and while sometimes this is true this doesn’t mean your job searching should stop. If you want a new challenge in the new year now is the best time to start looking.

Why should you kick start your 2019 job search now?

Less competition

If the myth that hiring slows down is to be believed, then so does job searching. With less people on the market now is the perfect time to start applying for companies and roles. Less people means less competition and a higher chance your CV will be at the top of the pile.

Christmas Spirit

During this time of year there is more of a festive and better mood, despite the few Grinches and Scrooges. According to a report “approaching them [hiring manager] while they are in a thankful and charitable mindset increases your chance of successfully securing an interview”, while we don’t know how accurate this is you might find it easier to approach hiring managers around this time of year.


No matter the time of year networking is always valuable. However, at the moment you won’t be stuck for events or meetups to attend, what with everyone throwing their Christmas parties. Don’t be throwing your CV around at people but do mention you’re on the market and get your name out there. A hiring manager is more likely to take notice of someone they have already met.


Christmas is a time for relationships, whether that be family, friendship or colleagues, and can be a great time to reconnect with people within your network. By simply sending an e-card or even a quick “Merry Christmas, let’s have a catch up” message you are, once again, putting your name in front of the right people. 

While you may feel the recruitment industry slows down at this time of year, it certainly picks up in January! Meaning now really is the time to get started, while most people who want a new job in the new year will be trying to re-write their CV, network and connect in the January you will already have got a head start.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a new job in January? Have you ever started your New Year job search early?

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