Tech & Job Searching
By Steve Richardson
7th September 2018

Technology is having an impact on every aspect of our lives, and no less in our job search. Tech is not just changing the way I, as a recruiter, find the best candidates for a role but also how the candidate searches for their next opportunity.

We often see the positives of technology and how it has made our lives that bit easier, the tech used in job searching is often seen as a positive, but can it also have a negative impact on the way we now search for jobs? 

Is technology removing the personal aspect?

Everything is done digitally now, from searching for a role to applying for it, some companies are even taking it as far as pre-screening through the use of a chatbot. While this can save time and be more convenient it does make me question the personal side of recruitment.

A big part of my job is building relationships between myself, candidates and clients, some of the time this can be done through digital forms like email, but I prefer for this to be over the phone or face-to-face. But with the rise of chatbots and technology could this soon be a thing of the past?

As well as in chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the resume searching process. The AI is able to search through resumes picking out specific keywords that match the job spec. Once the AI has found the candidate that matches the desired skills it will send them an automated message to gauge interest in the role.

While we do use keywords to search for candidates with specific skills, you can’t forget about the soft skills and the human aspect of the process. Personality can play a big part of the job searching process and technology could take this away.

While technology is definitely helping make life easier and is speeding up the recruitment and job searching process, we can’t forget about the human side. Recruitment will always be an industry led by people and I hope technology doesn’t take this away.

Do you think technology is a help or hinderance when searching for a job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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