Manager or Leader
By Ben Whittle
10th August 2018

The terms manager and leader are often used in business, sometimes these words are used to mean the same thing but there are some major differences between a manager and a leader.

What are some of these differences between a manager and a leader?

Vision vs Goals

One major difference between a manager and a leader is how they take the business forward.

A manager will focus on the goals and what is achievable. A manager will try to control the situation in order to meet or exceed the goals. 

A leader will look at where the business could go and will focus on turning the vision into reality. A leader will inspire and engage employees in order to do this.

Training vs Directing

Many businesses employ their staff because they know they can do a job, but a leader will see them differently to a manager.

A manager will not look further than their job role and specific skill sets, they will tell their employees what to do and assign tasks accordingly.

A leader will show their employees how to find answers and will take full potential of any skill sets within a business. 

Relationships vs Systems

Are relationships and people more important than systems and process within a business?

A manager will focus on the systems and process and will use these in order to meet business goals. Managers will focus on the analytical side and will work with people individually to reach the goal.

A leader will focus on the people in the business, especially the stakeholders that are needed to create their vision. A leader will build trust and loyalty throughout the business.

Fans vs Employees

Managers and leaders will see their employees in different ways in order to take the business forward.

A manager will focus on their employees by asking them to follow directions, the employees will always seek to please managers.

A leader will create fans by supporting and empowering their employee’s personal growth within the business. Fans will help increase a leader’s credibility.

These are just a few of the fundamental differences between a manager and a leader. Ultimately, I believe in comes down to the way they lead their employees; a manager will instruct, and leader will lead.

Are you a manager or a leader? What do you think are the differences between a manager and a leader? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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