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By Hollie Clive
18th January 2018

An employee’s working environment can have a real impact on how they work and their productivity; a messy, cluttered office can become distracting and affect work negatively. We can all be guilty of creating “organised mess” that only we can find our way through, the office as a whole needs to be organised to help work flow and productivity.

In my previous article I gave my top tips on how to create a positive office environment, I now want to take a look at how you can keep your office organised and in turn help keep your employee’s happy.

Office design can sometime be tricky when fitting in all the equipment and supplies but if you find yourself having to maneuverer around office machines or having to search hours to find that one document you printed off last week it’s time for a clean.


The biggest impact you can have when organising the office is purging all the clutter you no longer need. Take the office one section at a time, if you have stuff lying around that you haven’t used in a very long time there is no need to keep it.

The same goes for unused desks and chairs, if you have office furniture that is no longer being used consider renting storage space to get rid of them while they are not needed.


If your desks are in the way and the pathways through the office are blocked it is not only a health and safety risk but it may also be time to rethink the layout and design of the office. You’d be surprised how much space can be created by a simple move.

Here at KDR last year we found that we needed to add a new bank of desk to the office with the start of new hires. At first, we struggled to fit the new desk in however after a review of the office we realised that we had a coffee table at the back that was not being used. We moved this table into our break out room and found that created enough space to add the new desk in.

Office move

Working space

The desk of your employees is important, help them to keep their space tidy and organised. Have a look at what really needs to be there. Somethings obviously need to be kept on the desk, but piles of printed documents and sheets of paper usually aren’t necessary. It may even be time to consider going paperless?

Promote a clean working environment and set the standard yourself, it’s important to make sure your desk is clean otherwise no one will follow suit.


Keep your storage areas organised, whether you use cupboards or draws don’t just throw stuff in randomly. Keep similar stuff together and consider making labels for the communal storage space so employee’s can find what they need straight away without having to hunt.

If you’re finding you don’t have enough storage space, first check if you actually do need everything you are saving. If you do, consider getting individual draws for each member of staff to go under their desks, or if you have enough office space get a larger or another cupboard or filing cabinet.

KDR office


To encourage your employees to throw out unwanted paper set up a recycling bin. You can make this really easy by ensuring the bins are labelled correctly and are easily accessible within the office, if you have large office space spanning over several floors consider getting a recycling bin per office space. Don’t forget any confidential papers should be shredded before being recycled.

Not only will you be helping clear the office of unwanted stuff you will also help your employees do their bit for the environment. 

These are just a few things you can do to help clean, tidy and organise your office. Here at KDR we try to implement all of this, and I know from personal experience an organised office can make working life a lot easier.

Do you try to keep your office tidy and organised? What are your top tips for keeping the office organised? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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