By Georgia Flynn
7th December 2017

The data and analytics industry is a competitive market, with many of the best candidates not actively looking for roles. This means as a recruiter I have to search and sometimes ‘cold call’ the best candidates.

Headhunting calls (and recruiters) sometimes get a bad name for the tactics used, but despite the myths surrounding it, headhunting does have its benefits for the candidate.

Job Boards vs Headhunting

Job boards are very busy, every candidate who is actively looking will have their CV uploaded, not only that but adverts can sometimes get overloaded with applications meaning the best candidates can get lost in all the noise.

By headhunting I can ensure I am in contact directly with the very best of the candidates, and although they might not be actively looking for work if the right opportunity arises many people are willing to talk.

Calling the office

If we’re trying to contact you at work it’s because we think you have the best skills for the job we are recruiting for, we’re not calling for a general chat, we’re calling because we believe we have the perfect job for you.

Yes, it can sometimes by awkward when asked about your current situation while your colleagues are in the room, but we will always try to be discreet and ask if there is another way we can contact you, so we can have a full conversation about potential roles.


A lot of the time the roles we actively headhunt for are exclusive, and are generally not being advertised on job boards, which means we have to use slightly different tactics to find that perfect candidate.

Having access to these jobs that are not posted online gives you a much higher change of being successful and getting hired. And as we have the role exclusively you are not going to have any surprise competition as we will always be upfront about how many people are going forward for the one role.

While headhunting may not work for everyone in such a candidate driven market I really can see the benefits, I can contact the best candidates and build relationships with them directly. Here at KDR we always ensure we are professional when headhunting.

What is your opinion on headhunting? As a candidate has headhunting worked for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below

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