Company Culture
By Gemma Morris
9th November 2017

We’re always telling our candidates they need to sell themselves when at an interview, but the same can be said to our clients. While you are looking for the perfect candidate, the candidate you are interviewing is looking for the perfect company to work for.

The data and analytics industry is a candidate-led market, and if you want the best talent to work for you, you have to show them why they would want to work for you. And the best way to do this is by letting your company culture shine.

So, how can hiring managers sell their company culture during the recruitment process?


Throughout the entire process you should be involving your company culture at every single stage. From the initial contact, to the interview and even the follow up you should be putting the company and its culture first. The way you treat the candidate will reflect the business, so treating them efficiently and with respect can be the first step to selling your company values.

Previously we have had experiences when the client has taken longer than normal to feedback from an interview and the candidate has pulled out of the process as they believed this showed the business to be disorganised and was concerned about the way it was run.

Communicating your values to the candidate is important, and trying to accommodate them during the interview process can be a strong way to show how they would be treated if they were to come work for you. For example, this could include offering out of hours interviews or initial interviews being over Skype or the phone if they are located far away.


The language you use can say a lot about you and your company. You can give your potential employee a good idea of what the company culture is by the way you choose your words and the tone of your voice. Is your business structured and hierarchical? Or is your business smaller, with a casual approach? Be clear about the company values and be deliberate in the way you express this to the candidate from the very start of the process.


We believe this is the most important part when selling your company culture. While putting the best aspects of the business forward are important, you should also be honest about any issues the candidate may face. Not only will this let you see how they deal with challenges but also starts an open and honest discussion, letting both you and the candidate know if it is the right fit.

Making sure your company culture comes across in every aspect of the recruitment process is essential, by doing so you can attract the right candidate to your company and can show the candidate why they would want to work for you.

How do you bring culture to life in the recruitment process? Have you struggled to sell your culture to candidates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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