Work Experience
By Alex Platts
4th April 2017

I have now been at KDR Recruitment for 5 months; I have been joining KDR every other week on work experience to learn about the recruitment industry and to find out what it is really like in a business and the working world.

I’m now over half way through my experience and feel like I am still constantly learning more each week. To read the first part of my diary click here.

Week 7 

In my previous weeks at KDR I had been helping with the administration and the database, this week was slightly different as I was focussing on helping resource candidates for specific roles. The role I was focussing on was based in the South West, and the candidates had to have experience in Data Science and Data Modelling. 

To do this I used the tool and job board ‘Jobsite’. I started by doing a search for people within the data industry near Bristol, however this search brought up 750 people, as this is a lot of people I had to narrow it down to skills. I then searched for ‘Data Scientists in Bristol’, which narrowed it down to 400 people. Once I had done this, I started to download the relevant CVs and place them in the correct folders to give to the recruiter so they can then qualify these people.

I believe that by doing this I am making the recruiter’s job quicker, meaning they can speak to more people and spend less time searching through CVs and job boards.

Week 8

This week I continued with helping to resource candidates for the recruiters, I really enjoyed doing this in the morning as it allowed me to think about the specific roles and how people may use keywords in their CV. This also allowed me to ask plenty of questions to do with the roles and learn about what each job title means and for example what a Data Scientist may do in their day to day work.

Later on in the day I was shown the social networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily used as a business and networking tool, and although I am still a student I can see how this will be beneficial to me in the near future as it is a great way to meet people within the industry and may help find me a job. Once I start looking for a full time job I will definitely be using LinkedIn to network and connect with the right people.

Week 9

Over the past few weeks KDR announced they were officially expanding to America. This is being headed up by Rob, Chris and Mark. This week I was helping them with their business development and leads. 

Rob, Chris and Mark each have pulled together a list of prospect clients they want to target that are based in the New York area; it was my job to put these in to one sheet, ensuring there were no crossovers. I also had to research in to these companies to find their websites, number and email addresses. I was doing this as when Rob, Mark or Chris want to contact these companies it will be a lot easier and quicker for them.

Week 10

It is now my final week at KDR! This week started as last week ended by helping with the business development research in America. I was also tasked with finishing the blog, and helping Gemma in marketing with a press release about my work experience.

As a thank you gift to all at KDR I bought them a card and chocolates, but they also got me a leaving present which made me feel very appreciated and welcome within the business.

As I come to the end of my work experience at KDR I feel like I have really gained a lot, I have learnt not just about the recruitment industry, but the data and analytics industry as well. I also believe I have learnt about how a business works from behind the scenes and I can understand more about the working world.

Work experience is a brilliant way to decide on your career path and after this experience I am keen to get started in work. I would highly recommend work experience to anyone unsure about the industry they want a career in!

Written by Alex Platts

What advice would you give to students looking for work experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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