Sunny times ahead for cloud BI Solution
By Gemma Morris
30th April 2015


In 2011, entrepreneur Matthew Scullion was only too familiar with the expense and long timescales involved in integrating heavyweight ERP systems to help mine the data of companies he worked for. Shocked by reported 70% failure rates of such projects, he determined that there had to be a better way and Matillion was born.

Matillion is a cloud BI and self serve reporting solution that enables mid-sized organisations to quickly turn their data into useful, usable information without the need for investment in new software or hardware. The company has grown rapidly and now serves over 50 clients in 12 countries, which has meant their expanding team of 18  (and counting), has gobbled up more and more office space.

‘One of our top concerns is the attraction of skilled resource’ – Matthew Scullion

As a remarkably innovative business, Matillion has had a need to attract highly skilled people from the beginning. Since launch, they have invented impressive proprietary software tools including a cloud BI solution, the Matillion Data Accelerator appliance and most recently, the high performance Matillion ETL for Redshift. To ensure this level of innovation continues to be part of the DNA of Matillion, Matthew has a clear view of the qualities he looks for in people who join the team:

  • Technically skilled, evidenced by passing an aptitude test before interview
  • High quality degree from a prestigious university
  • Bright, enthusiastic, professional people summed up as ‘zingy’
  • Ambitious and with a desire for a good work life balance; where a life spent on planes and in hotels with large software companies is not desirable

Finding them is the hard part.

‘KDR just get it”

KDR have worked with Matillion since striking up a relationship on Twitter back in 2011. They are tasked with sourcing vital implementation consultants, technical account managers and software engineers and have invested a lot of time learning about the right kind of people for Matillion.

Matthew Comments:

"When we used to reject people, Chris (A Senior Consultant at KDR) would always listen and take the feedback on board. Now he knows us so well that he’ll often only present CVs to us after he’s organised for the aptitude test to have been taken and passed, and it’s not unheard of for us to make a job offer to the first person they send us. This has saved us so much time and hassle, it’s invaluable."

Secrets of recruiting in a competitive environment

But how do KDR find candidates who meet such strict criteria, who could command much larger salaries in the centre of London vs Leafy Cheshire? The answer lies in understanding candidates’ true motivations for their next job move and finding the ones where stimulating, challenging work on exciting new BI tools is their driver. Because the software is in the cloud, the team can service their global clients remotely, thus avoiding the miseries of being holed up in Travelodges for months on end. The campus-like feel of Matillion’s office, with it’s Red Bull fridge and all night hackathons, is just the icing on the cake.

Matthew has also benefited from KDR’s expert counsel, receiving advice on future office locations that could open up a wider talent pool and the benefits of offering flexible working patterns to working parents. Senior Consultant Chris Bongard has even interpreted, in Matthew’s words, ‘what must have been 20 minutes of waffle’ into a clear job description with an insight into the types of job title that would attract the right kind of people and turned it into the company’s latest successful recruit.

The result of this close strategic partnership? Matthew is unambiguous in his answer. ‘I can’t imagine a point in the future where we’re not working with KDR’.

Read more about Matillion here.

If you’re interested in working for Matillion, contact Chris Bongard on 01565 651 422

As specialists in Information Management and Analytics recruitment, we can help you build a permanent or temporary team of data experts.


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