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By Chris Bongard
3rd February 2015

Are you keeping up to date with the most relevant data industry news and views? In such a fast paced industry staying in the loop is important, but sometimes challenging. A fantastic way to achieve this is through online articles. However, online blogging experiences exponential growth with 3 million new blogs created every month! So knowing where to find relevant articles can understandably be time-consuming and frustrating. This is where I aim to help, with my carefully selected top 5 dazzling data blogs; make these your go-to source for staying well-versed in all things data.

  1. Information Age

The aptly named, Information-age is a fantastic website for accessing a range of articles on data news and technology trends. A benefit of this site is how frequently it is updated, at least one new article a day. There doesn't tend to be much variation in the authors but their styles are readable and clear so it is a great blog for a quick update.

There is no easy access via this site to the authors’ credentials but it’s clear from the amount and range of content that each posts; they have a deep investment in the topic. I found it hard to pinpoint exactly who this blog is aimed at, as the content ranges from topics such as – data privacy changes, IOT predictions and mobile/social media trends with a few related quizzes mixed in for your entertainment.

  1. Innovation Enterprise

If it’s a modern, user friendly blog you’re after then Innovation Enterprise is just the thing! The tile layout with bold images and catchy titles is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. There is a large range of articles linking big data to several different industries and recent hot topics.

The content is good quality and the style of the website makes it easy to find relevant articles - a great time saver. There are a few core authors with some variation, but more interestingly there is a variation of articles, images and videos so you’re sure to find something a bit different to catch your attention on this blog.

  1. Forrester

The Forrester blog holds a great “big data” section with a range of data specific and technical articles. Self-named as “one of the most influential research and advisory firms” they back their information up with “annual surveys of more than 500,000 consumers and business leaders worldwide.” You may not find much in the way of broader industry news updates here but you will see some insightful articles with common topics including the discussion of Hadoop and cloud based solutions, the influence of the CMO and CIO in business and applications of big data analytics.

  1. Forbes

Forbes has a fantastic Data Driven Business section that avidly reports on the commercial world of data. The authors are a combination of Forbes staff and contributors, each with a link to their personal profile, allowing you to check that they are armed with the relevant qualifications.

The content is a mixture of data industry news and views however it leans more towards the use of facts and figures than outright opinions, so it is a great source for keeping up with the latest news and industry information. Although you may find a lot of the facts and figures to be related to America, it still holds its purpose in allowing those elsewhere to see emerging trends from overseas.

  1. Venture Beat

Venture Beat hosts a data section with a range of technology and big data news. With several new articles posted a day it’s difficult to not find something new and interesting to read. The layout is simple with clear bold text that is easy to read even before your first morning coffee.

There are several different authors, which keeps the writing fresh and interesting, however I didn't find it easy to access the qualification profiles of all of them – which is a downside as it’s always good to know whose writing! It seems that Venture Beat is a popular choice for news – with over 422k followers on twitter; they must be doing something right.

It hasn't made my top five as it's not technically a data blog but another fantastic platform for accessing data related articles that shouldn't be ignored is LinkedIn. The more relevant your connections and groups, the better access you will have to the related articles and information that people post. The pulse section is particularly good in recommending relevant articles that may be of interest. For any data professionals wanting to keep up to date, it's a fantastic tool!

I couldn't leave without giving our KDR Data Industry News a cheeky mention – we strive to create relevant and interesting content on the data industry in a range of topics. We've spent a lot of time expanding this section but there’s still more to come so it is a good one to have bookmarked. If there are any topics that you find specifically interesting and would like us to write more about, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

I’d love to hear what you think of my top five data blogs list and which blogs you follow for your data news, so please leave a comment below!


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