My tech predictions…

As recruiters in the Information Management and Data Analytics industry we are constantly immersing ourselves in the world of technology, we’re always hearing about the future and where it is all going (in fact we’re even running a survey about it – check it out here!).

As more people look towards the future of technology we wanted to know what the KDR team’s top tech predictions are…

The VR Room

“That you will be able to go into a ‘VR’ room, ask a question and have the answer shown to you in whatever medium you choose. The ‘machine’ will be able to trawl all the available answers on the web and feed it back to you in whatever format suits you best, having learned your preferences through machine learning and AI.” – Mark

Ultimate VR

“Virtual Reality is already giving people the chance to experience things from their living rooms, like going on safari or riding a rollercoaster, but I think VR will get to a point where people won’t have to move if they don’t want. It would become so immersive that you can shop, work and socialise through the VR headset.” – Gemma

AI Takes Over

“There will be a point when AI surpasses human intelligence and takes over. Initially programmed to keep humans from harm the AI, supported by robots, will police humans to prevent our self-destructive nature!” – Mike

Robot Doctor

“I think there will be robotic doctors by 2040 given the amount of research and bot talk already going on.” – Amy

Self-Driving Cars

“Self-driving cars are progressing rapidly and I think that’s going to be the future. Hopefully it can reduce accidents and have a better safety record without human error. Google has already made huge advancements in self-driving cars. I am sure they will be with us in the near future.” – Tom

Virtual Pods

“I see a future in which everyone will live through virtual reality in chamber pods which supply you with food and drink” – Ben

Robot Lawyers

“I think that instead of people, robots and Artificial Intelligence will start to act as mediators in low-profile cases, like divorces. Maybe one day we will see the rise in the robot jury, eliminating the need for human judgement.” – Chris

While at points this blog is verging on Black Mirror territory which do you think is most likely to happen? What is your top prediction for the future of tech?

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