My favourite tech film…

In the KDR office we love our films, it’s one topic that always gets the whole office talking. There are so many great genres to choose from but considering we work in the data and analytics industry we wanted to know what the KDR team’s favourite tech films are…

The Matrix

“The first Matrix film was one of the first 15s I ever saw. It has action and fighting in a simulated reality. The special effects are amazing! I can’t believe it was released 18 years ago” – James

“Gripping and thought-provoking film, with some of the best fight scenes ever produced” – Ben

“Just because it was so ahead of its time…” – Chris


“It’s just a great story with great humour; even though it makes me cry!” – Mark

Weird Science

“At the time it felt so advanced in the tech and computers they were using” – Hollie

Back to the Future

“It’s a classic, there is nothing not to like in that film. Who wouldn’t want to drive a DeLorean at 88mph and go back in time?” – Gemma


“It’s just a really good and funny film” – Tom


“One, because of Leo and Cillian Murphy. Two, because it’s just one of my favourite films of all time!” – Georgia


“Probably technically not a ‘tech’ film but I just find the concept of supernatural powers exciting. I sometimes wish I had those powers!” – Max

Star Wars

“I’ve always wanted to own a lightsaber and fly a spaceship!” – Mike

What is your favourite tech related film? Do you think we are missing any top films?

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